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About Us

For over 50 years, Charles Mullins, his family, and his associates have been providing products for projects of all sizes.

Our Services

Our experts can provide you with administration, Preparation of shop drawings, order monitoring and completion and installation. We prevent problems and delays by staying on top of your order from the outset.


Our Birmingham-based support staff is supplemented by additional experts, including several Architectural Hardware Consultants, through our branch offices in Montgomery and Decatur AL and associate companies in New Orleans and Baton Rouge LA.

Preparation of Shop Drawings

We know the industry inside-out and can help you with everything from major product decisions to small details. This experience works for you at all stages of the project.

Order Monitoring

We can help you find exactly the right product for a specific application, get it to the site at just the right time. Then ensure that you have the right ancillary products from frames to pivots.

Complete Installation

When you're managing something as complicated as a major construction project, you have to be able to depend on your suppliers. Mullins has one of the strongest support teams anywhere. Our long-term customers have learned that they can depend on Mullins at every stage of the project, from specifying to final inspection.


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